What a load of rubbish, Tal

A NEW sculpture has appeared on Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv. But artist Tal Tenne Czaczkes won’t be offended if you call it a load of rubbish... because that is exactly what it is made from.

The environmental beach ball sculpture, which has a diameter of 3.5 metres, is made of iron construction, nets and thousands of items of waste collected from the beaches, and thrown away by beachgoers.

It is part of the outreach activities of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality to raise awareness and educate the public on avoiding single-use plastic on the city’s beaches.

Puppet preaches hate

Liberate Jerusalem. Fight to the last drop of blood. The criminal Jews are planning to replace al-Aqsa mosque with their false Temple.

Propaganda from hardened Palestinian terrorists? No. These are quotes from a children’s TV show — featuring a man dressed in a puppet costume — being aired in Gaza.

What chance do we have of any peace when they teach kids such hatred?

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