Pupils making a case for museum piece

KING David Primary School pupils made a special presentation on Monday in the run up to Israel’s 70th birthday.

A group of Year Five pupils, alongside students from an Israeli partner school, selected an item of interest from a museum in Israel.

They chose a 1940s suitcase from the Haifa Museum.

Teacher Rayna Glickman said: “We viewed the suitcase via Skype with the museum in Israel, researched information from the label and wrote about our findings.

“Both partner schools made a suitcase label to say what we would take with us on a journey if we had to leave home in a hurry.”

Pictured presenting their work to UJIA’s Sally Halon are Conrad Benjamin, Avi Gardner, Talia Lewis, Talia Silver and Rosie Arron, alongside teacher Yael Zegze and head of Jewish studies Rayna Glickman.


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