Youngster told family are dead

Eitan Biran, the five-year-old Israeli who was the lone survivor of a cable car crash in northern Italy, has been discharged from hospital... and told that his parents, little brother and a set of great-grandparents died in the tragedy.

“He is slowly learning what happened from his relatives and from the psychologists who are supporting him,” said Cristina Pigna, a lawyer hired by Eitan’s aunt Aya Biran.

“He has found out about the consequences of the tragedy in the manner agreed upon by doctors, specialists and family members.

“We are talking about a long and delicate process.”

Eitan has been placed in the care of his aunt Aya, who lives in Pavia — 35 kilometres south of Milan — with her husband and two daughters.

Pavia is renowned for its university, which attracts many Israelis. The boy’s father Amit, 30, studied medicine there.

On May 23, he, his wife Tal, 27, Eitan and two-year-old Tom decided to celebrate a visit from the boys’ great-grandparents from Israel — Barbara and Itshak Cohen — with a day trip, which included the ill-fated cable car ride.

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