Hamas: We have Israeli secrets

TERROR group Hamas says it found technical devices and equipment “containing big secrets” during the botched Israeli raid in November.

“The treasure of information we gained will give us a strategic advantage on the level of the battle of wits with the Zionist enemy,” a spokesman for the al-Qassam Brigades military wing added.

And its spokesman Abu Obaida offered a one million dollar reward and a pardon to any Palestinian “collaborator” with Israel who assists in the capture of IDF soldiers and officers.

During the botched raid, an IDF lieutenant-colonel was killed and another officer was wounded after a firefight erupted with Hamas near Khan Yunis inside the Gaza Strip.

The IDF explained that the troops were exposed while they “carried out a lengthy operation”.

Abu Obaida told a press conference in Gaza that a Qassam patrol intercepted the IDF commandos as they were on their way to carry out their mission “to plant espionage devices to spy on our group’s telecommunication network”.

He said Israel tried to install wiretapping devices and he presented surveillance footage, as well as photos of drills, chainsaws and two pistols with silencers, to back up Hamas’ claims.

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