Ukraine may buy Iron Dome

THE Ukrainian city of Mariupol is looking at buying the Iron Dome missile defence system from Israel in order to protect the city’s airport.

Mariupol is the largest city in the Ukraine’s Donetsk region that has seen incessant fighting with Russian-backed troops since 2014 in a war that has killed 14,000 people and displaced millions more.

The city’s airport, which is near the border with Russia, has been closed since the fighting broke out.

But with a lull in fighting, city officials have been wanting to reopen the airport in order to redevelop the industrial port city that sits on the Azov Sea.

The deputy mayor, Sergei Zakharov, said that reopening the skies as well as modern infrastructure to protect the airport and surrounding skies are two of the main points that are needed in order to reopen the airport.

He added that while the city doesn’t need a large airport, it needs a safe one. A massive build-up of Russian troops along the border in May fuelled fears of another military offensive by Moscow.

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