Israel hints at jab no 4

ISRAEL is considering introducing a FOURTH jab against coronavirus.

However, it would not be for the general population... yet.

The vaccines would be given first to people with with a weakened immune system.

These immuno-compromised Israelis would include transplant patients.

But Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on Tuesday that it is possible that ALL Israelis will soon become eligible for a fourth shot of the vaccine.

He told a newspaper conference: “I don’t know yet. If we see that the vaccine’s efficacy drops after a certain amount of time, even after the booster, we could recommend a fourth dose.”

While research showed that the booster generally improved the situation, this was not true for all immunosuppressed individuals.

Seventy-one per cent developed antibodies after the third shot, compared with 47 per cent after the second.

The hints of a fourth jab came as the number of cases of the Omicron variant in Israel rose to 21.

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