Security of Israel vital, Trump and Putin agree

DONALD Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin was "good for Israel".

The American leader revealed this in an interview with Fox News.

He also told the TV station that Putin is "a believer in Israel, a fan of Bibi and really helping him a lot, which is good for all of us".

Trump said after the meeting in Helsinki that the two super-powers "are working together to ensure Israel's security".

The issue came up when they discussed efforts to remove Iran-backed fighters from Syria's Golan border.

Trump said it was "a really good conclusion for Israel, something very strong".

Putin said later that Trump "paid particular attention" to Israel's security.

"As far as Syria is concerned, the task of establishing peace and reconciliation in this country could be the first showcase example of successful joint work," Putin added.

In Jerusalem, Netanyahu said he "greatly appreciates the security co-ordination between Israel and Russia".

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