Jews of Zimbabwe told to stay indoors amid coup

JEWISH leaders in Zimbabwe have instructed members of their tiny community to stay indoors following the military coup.

The information came from Israel’s foreign ministry, which said: “We have no reports of distress.”

Israel’s ambassador in Pretoria, South Africa, is in constant communication with the community.

There are currently 170 Jews and Israelis in the country — 108 of them are in the capital city of Harare and 64 in Bulawayo.

According to reports, all appear to be safe.

One member of the Bulawayo community told the Jerusalem Post they were glad the situation had so far been quiet and peaceful.

“Nobody really knows what’s happening,” he said on Wednesday as the situation was still unfolding, but he expressed hope that it would continue to be peaceful.

Despite the tiny size of Bulawayo’s Jewish community, they manage to get a minyan together every Friday night.

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