Polish charms ‘are antisemitic’

AN official of the Polish city of Krakow has condemned as antisemitic the figurines of Orthodox Jews that are on sale as good luck charms there.

“It’s time for us to realise it,” said Robert Piaskowski, the city’s alderman for cultural affairs.

“In a city like Krakow, with such a difficult heritage and a painful past, they should not be sold.”

The official was speaking following a campaign by some Polish Jews to stop the sale of the figurines.

Many variation of the figurines sold in Polish marketplaces and beyond have elements pertaining to money — typically depicting Jews counting money.

Now the city may deny market concessions to vendors who sell the figurines.

Advocates of the custom say it reflects nostalgia towards Jewish presence in Poland, where 3.3 million Jews lived before the Holocaust. Poland now has about 4,500 people who identify as Jewish. (JTA)

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