A deal is vital to keep that man out of No 10

THE year 5779 will be a crucial one for British Jewry and indeed for Britain. It all revolves around Brexit.

March 29 ó between Purim and Pesach ó is the deadline for the Brexit negotiations.

Brexit, like Pesach, was supposed to be a bid for freedom from the unaccountable, bureaucratic rule of the EU.

But the actual negotiations, or lack of them, have been more like a Purim shpiel, if they would not have had such dire potential consequences.

Iím not just talking about the gloomy economic forecasts of big business, but of the political consequences of the Brexit negotiations which could, God forbid, bring in a Corbyn-led Labour government.

It didnít need to be this way.

During the Brexit campaign, I was inspired by Boris Johnsonís upbeat speeches. But as soon as he won, instead of giving a triumphant victory speech, he took fright and ran from the media for a few days until his chum Michael Gove backstabbed him and ruined his leadership bid.

Boris and Co had their chance immediately after they won the Brexit vote. They blew it.

To cause trouble now and possibly lead to a general election which not only could lose the Conservatives the little electoral majority they have but let in an antisemitic, Trotskyite Corbyn-led government, is sheer political suicide.

Theresa May, who had been a Remainer during the campaign, was the only person to bring some stability to Britain in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.

She also appeared to show the face of compassionate Conservatism to appeal to political centrists like myself.

She made a drastic mistake last year in calling a general election in which her majority dropped.

Brexit was always going to be difficult. It is, like the wilderness in which the Children of Israel wandered for 40 years, beset with dangers and deprivations. This is the price of freedom.

But the question we now have to ask ourselves is whether Brexit will actually bring freedom from an unaccountable, bureaucratic Europe in which right wing, xenophobic parties are gaining the ascendancy all over the continent.

Or will it, God forbid, curb our own freedoms in a Corbyn-led Britain in which not only will antisemitism flourish but also the personal freedoms of all who oppose his Trotskyite regime will be severely curtailed.

My prayers in the months ahead go to Theresa May. She is by no means perfect. Who is? But when it comes to the basic issue of our freedoms, she is a safe pair of hands. When she took up office, she vowed to devote herself to the JAMs ó those just about managing. The phrase has become descriptive of her own term in office.

She herself is just about managing.

Letís hope she continues to just about manage to pull off some sort of Brexit deal and keep Corbyn out of power.

May God be with her!

Will public actually vote for you-know-who?

THERE were two Labour conferences, the one described in the Jewish press as full of hate and antisemitism and the one described in the mainstream media which described interesting, alternative economic policies.

Not that we could fault the mainstream media who have spent all summer defending our cause, topped by Andrew Marrís grilling of Corbyn as the conference began.

The question is whether the general public will be fooled into voting for a Corbyn-led Communist utopia.

With all the problems we in the North have had with Northern Rail, one canít blame the electorate being enticed into voting for renationalisation of the railways.

The majority of Jews, who are anti-Corbyn, should now broaden their campaign to not only point out antisemitism issues but how a Corbyn and Momentum-led Labour government will curtail individual freedoms and make British life like that in the old USSR.

The rabbinic Corbynistas

MY last column on the Stamford Hill rabbis who backed Corbyn was nearly not published. I was told it was fake news.

I knew it wasnít. The pictures of Hebrew notices posted on shul billboards seemed real enough. These things are put up all the time in the charedi community.

Some signatories may not be sure of the full implications of what they are doing, but others will be cocksure.

President Donald Trump has set a dangerous precedent in describing any news to his disadvantage as fake. Some charedim in Stamford Hill followed suit in wanting to quash the knowledge that their rabbis were backing Corbyn.

But these charedi Corbynites have now come out into the open, leaving their pre-Succot preparations to back their respected leader outside the Liverpool conference and are planning a pro-Corbyn protest outside the Board of Deputies dinner in November.

Like the Children of Israel at the Red Sea, we are beset with enemies on all sides. We need to keep taking the plunge to fight for our freedoms.


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