Film and TV scriptwriter after a detour via pop career

TO describe Geoff Deane’s life as eclectic would be to make the understatement of the century.

He was the lead singer of Modern Romance, wrote the film Kinky Boots, worked as a journalist and wrote for a number of television series, including hit comedy Birds of a Feather.

The affable Londoner reveals all about his wide-ranging career in his book, From Mohair Suits to Kinky Boots: How Music, Clothes and Going Out Shaped My Life and Upset My Mother (Muswell Press, £16.99), which was published this week.

“The book is what I call a lockdown baby,” Geoff told me from his home in London.

“During the pandemic my kids were staying with my ex-wife, so I was properly isolated.

“As a writer, I thought, ‘I’ll manage as I am used to being in a room by myself’, but that was not the case.

“I remember one day, right in the middle of lockdown, going into my local off-licence.”

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