Why Heathers director Andy is a ‘proud father’ to a cast of thousands

ANDY Fickman is a proud father not just to his two children - 26-year-old Austin and Georgie, four — but to the countless actors with whom he has worked on his myriad of projects.

Andy has directed many films and TV shows, featuring the likes of Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, The Rock, John Cena, Kevin James and Kristen Bell, yet for a whole generation, he is one of the men behind cult classic Heathers The Musical.

On Sunday, the show will have its last two performances at The Other Palace in London, although the tour, featuring a separate cast, will continue until November.

Proud Texan Andy describes all the casts as one big family. He told me: “I do feel like a proud father for all of them. So many people have made their professional debuts on Heathers.

“Hannah Lowther (who became a TikTok sensation while working at Tesco and then became the first person to play all three Heathers), I knew her material, I watched her videos when she was doing them during the pandemic. So when it came time to cast, we were like, ‘Let’s check her out because she’s incredibly talented’.

“Becca Wickes, who was our first Veronica on our first tour during the pandemic, had posted herself singing on YouTube. And one of her close friends, Chris Parkinson, who’s our assistant choreographer now and has played almost every role in Heathers over the years, was tagged.”

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