When Bowie made tea for starstruck Sefi

GROWING up in Israel, Sefi Carmel loved Marmite, mince pies and Christmas pudding.

As the son of an English mother — who would regularly quote Shakespeare — he felt an affinity towards Britain.

But when he moved to these shores in 2001, he realised that was not the case.

And it had nothing to do with the inclement weather he would go on to experience.

“I thought that I had nailed the British culture, but realised that I was mistaken,” Sefi told me from his home in North-West London.

“I am a citizen of the world who had an English mum and an Israeli dad, although my kids, who were all born here, take the p*** something terribly out of my accent, which I have accepted lovingly!”

Composer, sound designer, producer and mixer Sefi has been creating soundtracks for films, television, adverts and games for many years.

His credits range from work on Hollywood feature films with such names as Ridley Scott, John Woo and Chris Columbus; to mixing, remixing and mastering tracks for David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Massive Attack, BB King and others

As revealed last week by the Jewish Telegraph, his latest project is SphereTrax, a music licensing platform which is inviting composers and musicians from all over the world to access and submit musical works to its platform.

Successful entrants will be granted access to SphereTrax’s clientbase across film, television, advertising and gaming producers.

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