Ben wants to help people reject shame

OUR average reader might consider the Jeremy Corbyn era between 2015 and 2020 as an incredibly difficult period for British Jews.

The former Labour leader led a party infested with antisemitism and was embroiled in countless questionable incidents himself.

But for Glasgow-born Ben Freeman, author and Holocaust educator, the Corbyn era quite literally changed his life... in a positive way.

“It changed my career and it also changed how I related to my Jewishness,” he told me.

“It’s all a journey, and Jewish pride means as much to me as it does for everyone else.

“Everything that happened made me more cognisant of my Jewish identity and more attached to it, centring it to my day-to-day life.”

Ben was speaking ahead of the publication on October 24 of his newest book Reclaiming Our Story: The Pursuit of Jewish Pride (No Pasaran Media, £12.99).

It is the sequel to For Jewish Pride, which focused on building a Jewish pride movement.

His newest book, however, is more progressively centred around fighting and overcoming internalised Jew-hate.

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