Lovv at first sight when Tobi headed to Israel at 16

IT is perhaps surprising how dignified Tobi Lovv remains when she discusses the fact that Israel’s Chief Rabbinate does not recognise her as Jewish.

This is a woman — the daughter of a Cohen nonetheless — who emigrated to Israel from Nigeria at the tender age of 16, immersed herself in society, learned the language and served its army with distinction.

However, because her mother is not Jewish, the Chief Rabbinate’s diktat means she is not considered to be, either.

But Tobi is determined to continue to build — and create — relationships between the Jewish State and Africa.

In fact, she could be considered Israel’s unofficial ambassador to Africa.

“These are laws made by men and not by God which, on an individual level, are very unfortunate,” Tobi told me from her home in Giv’at Ada, northern Israel.

“But it also means that they can be changed by a man — or a woman — in the near future.

“The law does not affect me as a person who belongs to Israeli society.”

The 30-year-old runs ShareLovv International, a platform in cross-continental co-operation in the areas of and faith-based diplomacy and business.

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