‘Lucky’ Bob spreads love for Israel

IT’S not easy for Bob and Diane Abrams to live halfway around the world from their two daughters and their families.

But come Friday, New York time, they have created an enduring routine in the best of all worlds. With Rachel and Becky living in Jerusalem, the phone gets transferred around for a couple of hours until they’ve spoken with the entire family, both sons-in-laws, and eight grandchildren before the onset of Shabbat.

Bob is the author of a memoir recounting his stellar life in politics, The Luckiest Guy in the World. As four-term New York State attorney general and one of the most well-known attorney generals in American history, he continues well into his 80s to spread his love for Israel by taking influential leaders from America to see the miracles of the Start-Up Nation for themselves.

Diane Schulder Abrams, too, is the author of the forthcoming memoir My Grandmother’s Candlesticks: Judaism and Feminism, A Multigenerational Memoir.

She is a renowned pioneer in the academic field of women and the law, a course that she pioneered, prompting her Columbia Law School classmate Ruth Bader Ginsberg to initiate classes of her own.

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