David planning a right royal event to mark Queen’s jubilee

BEFORE we began our chat, I assured David Zolkwer that we would not speak about every single event with which he has been involved.

If we had, our conversation would have lasted hours upon hours — and then some.

This is the man whose career highlights include producing shows at four Commonwealth Games, the 1997 Hong Kong Handover Ceremony, an Olympic Games, a FIFA World Cup and more. The list is exhaustive.

And next up for the amiable Mancunian, on June 5, will be directing the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in honour of the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

It will feature more than 10,000 performers — mostly amateur talents joining together from all over the country, vintage cars, a colossal oak tree flanked with maypole dancers, a towering dragon, hundreds of national treasures and more.

And it is open to everyone — using online channels, people will be able to open dialogue, collaborate and share ideas.

There will also be a separate digital experience on the day.

“Momentum is building and so are expectations from the media and the public,” David told me from his home in Edinburgh.

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