Israeli TV host working with a Gazan in the UAE

WHEN Israeli-American Michal Divon hosts her new show from her home in the United Arab Emirates, she will will have Kareem, a Palestinian videographer from Gaza, to thank.

Named as executive producer and host of Dubai This Week, which launched with an exclusive interview with Paris Hilton, Michal has already gained the trust and respect of her employers.

But this mash-up of Middle Eastern internationals working together is not a reality anyone dreamed possible in 2020, let alone 1948.

And yet, the Abraham Accords, a statement signed by Israel and the UAE to normalise relations in 2021, has enabled relationships like this to flourish.

The 35-year-old is unmistakeably thrilled to represent a different background, connecting with others and breaking barriers and stereotypes simultaneously.

“Kareem is first person I met from Gaza,” she told me.

“I didn’t hire him because he is from there, but because he is a pro at what he does and we share similar values.

“We just happen to share this history that is greater than we are and, ironically, we even discovered that we covered the same wars, but obviously from the other side.

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