Gillian gives a human face to M.E. tinderbox

GILLIAN Mosley went from the dancefloor to making documentaries.

And her latest work, The Tinderbox: Israel & Palestine: The Untold Story, is dedicated to a Palestinian friend who she met while partying in London’s nightclubs.

The film, which is released today in cinemas and via Curzon Home Cinema, gives a human face to the conflict, with a wide range of contemporary voices, from a Jewish settler to a political member of Hamas.

Gillian had met Tamer Al’Ghussein at the Camden Palace when she was 18.

And neither knew each other’s backgrounds for the first five years of their friendship.

“We were just completely consumed with what nightclubs and parties we were going to and what we were going to wear,” Gillian told me.

Tamer’s grandfather was a judge in Jerusalem when the British marched in and his mother’s side, the Nuseibeh family, are in charge of opening the door to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and allowing the faithful to enter.

Sadly, Tamer died of cancer in 2017.

“We found out about our respective backgrounds through a sort of osmosis,” Gillian said.

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