Darren wrestles with his past to take on new role

DARREN Traub is living his childhood dream. And all it took was for the 46-year-old’s younger interests to catch up with his adult life.

For the father of one was appointed World Wrestling Entertainment’s senior vice president of entertainment and talent management last month.

He oversees business affairs and legal issues for the production of WWE’s TV, film studios, music arm, and special events divisions, as well as talent management and relations for the current roster, legends talent, announcers, referees, and celebrity guest appearances.

He also manages talent opportunities in interactive gaming, streaming, and digital/social media projects.

Darren grew up a fan of wrestling, watching the likes of Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant.

He recalled: “That’s probably when I was the biggest fan, when I was a kid. Then, in high school and college it was during the Attitude Era, which is always a fun area to go back to.

“Now, as I get older, it’s still just such a big piece of pop culture.

“While I may not have watched it as regularly as I did, when I was 10, it was always something that I knew existed.

“I would follow some of the main characters and storylines, but I became more a fan of the brand.

“It has been a brand that had been around for 40 years and more, and is still relevant in today’s society, which has adapted to all the different technologies and social media and continuing to stay relevant.

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