How Angelica helps women get a start in business

ANGELICA Malin laughs at the suggestions of becoming the female version of celebrity finance expert Martin Lewis.

But not because the 29-year-old London-born daughter of Suzi and David Malin doesnít agree. Far from it.

It is because she wants to be more like a Dragon on Dragonís Den, or to be one of Lord Sugarís aides.

Angelica has carved herself a role as one of Britainís youngest and most well-respected entrepreneurs, and a future place by the side of someone of Lord Sugarís stature wouldnít be out of the question.

Her path to such lofty ambitions come from, what she describes as, ďallowing for flexibility of mindset, and that you have to just follow your curiosityĒ.

The founder and editor-in-chief of About Time magazine, the UKís leading lifestyle website, this week launched her book She Made It (KoganPage, £14.99).

The book, which broke into Amazonís top six career guides before release date, is a toolkit designed to tackle the real challenges female founders face in the digital age.

She explained: ďI have been hosting female empowerment festivals and events for the last couple of years.

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