Danny’s knack of hooking up with the best music mentors


DANNY Kapilian likes music. Actually, ‘has a thing about art in general’ would be a more accurate generic observation of what makes him tick.

While that may sound like a simplistic take, in fact it suggests something of the all-embracing philosophy of the 65-year-old Jewish New Yorker.

Kapilian earns a crust as a producer and presenter of live concerts, cultural events, festivals and touring productions worldwide.

All of which made him an ideal guest in Israel for this year’s International Music Showcase Festival in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at the end of last month, under the auspices of the Yellow Submarine.

A glimpse of Kapilian’s bio reveals a roll call of some of the biggest names on the global showbiz scene, appropriately across wide tracts of disciplines, genres and styles.

The latter is a natural sequitur to what he describes as “wide exposure from a young age to all forms of popular classical and theatre music, TV shows, a wide range of film, live musical and dramatic theatre, and other live entertainment”.

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