Miranda’s scheme gives more support to HEROES

FOR many, the coronavirus pandemic has opened up a conversation about mental health.

But for Leeds-born Miranda Arieh, that conversation has been taking place for a long time.

Miranda, the network mental health lead for the NHS BHR Primary Care Network, is currently piloting a new peer support programme called HEROES (Healing, Education and Recovery Of Emotional Strength).

It is a set of courses, workshops and groups that she has designed from scratch for patients from some of the most deprived areas in Leeds to join.

The daughter of former Jewish Gazette editor Lindy Ruth and Eliyahu Arieh, explained: “From my experience with the mental health system, I obviously recognised that there is a need for a more compassionate approach, and a more educational approach to arm people with the tools and skills that they need.

“And I really recognised that there wasn’t anything based around a more holistic approach, so I created my own courses and workshops for people around building self esteem and confidence, self-awareness and people’s relationships with themselves.

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