Odelya happy to land herself in Good Trouble

ISRAEL-born actress Odelya Halevi isnít well-known to British audiences. But that could change on Sunday as the second part of season three of American drama Good Trouble is added to BBC iPlayer.

Odelya joins the cast in the later episodes as part of the storyline of main character Malika Williams (Zuri Adele) and she will continue the role in the fourth season, which starts shooting in the next month.

Good Trouble is a spin-off to The Fosters and sees adopted sisters Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) head to Los Angeles, where they move into the Coterie, a communal living apartment building.

The series ó which is also streamed on Disney+ ó deals with issues such as Black Lives Matter, transphobia, polyamorous relationships, racism and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Odelya stars as Angelica, who starts work in the same bar, Douro, as Malika. She makes her first appearance in episode 16, Opening Statements.

But Odelya, who was born in the town of Rosh Haayin, admits that when she landed the audition for Good Trouble, she didnít really know the show.

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