‘Coren’s avid pupil’ has an appetite for more success

ZOE Strimpel owes her entire journalism career to Giles Coren. Ok, well, not quite, but the famed-food writer, who is renowned for having a bit of an ego, might like to think so.

It was while at the University of Cambridge, where now 38-year -old Zoe read English, that she set up a food society called Ouef.

The London-born, but Boston, Massachusetts-raised daughter of Oliver and Harriet (nee Bud) held a launch party featuring Giles, leading to a story that ends with him falling asleep under a table.

Zoe explained: “He told us to book the fanciest restaurant in Cambridge for him to review, which was two Michelin-starred restaurant Midsummer House.”

She continued: “He took us out for this incredible, extravagant meal — drank tons of booze. It was a free meal, and I couldn’t get over it.

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