Mother-of-10 still as busy as ever with education

IT is exhausting just reading the CV of this mother of 10, who, at an age when others might be considering retirement, is busier than ever.

Judith Nemeth is currently running two educational consultancy businesses, plus the Values Foundation, which works with parliamentarians to protect traditional values in faith schools.

“I have always been blessed with a lot of energy. I can still hear my mother saying, ‘ken ayin horah, this child needs no sleep’,” she told me.

Judith’s mother, Cissie Alpren, of Birmingham, hailed from Manchester. Her maiden name was Harper (Heilpern).

Judith said: “I hope I have used that to the good. I feel a tremendous privilege to be doing what I’m doing, to be heard and to be respected and regarded. It is flattering for a woman.

“I have a very, very supportive and long-suffering husband.”

After qualifying as an English teacher, Judith went straight into teaching in Jewish schools in London, until her family “got too large to handle”.

But even then she did not take much time off work, which she found “very therapeutic”.

The 65-year-old was introduced into the political world while head of English at London’s Beth Jacob Grammar School for Girls.

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