The UN are hoodwinked

THERE is little argument about how bad it looks for Israel when one of the most highly trained armies in the world is pictured by the world’s media opening fire on Palestinian ‘civilians’, leaving many mortally wounded and others covered in blood. And that is precisely the image the terrorist group Hamas seeks to portray with a cynical lack of regard for the safety, security or well-being of co-religionists — the very people for whose corner they purport to fight.

It is Hamas who encourage men, women and children, many of them babes-in-arms, to join its own fighters to charge the border fence between Gaza and Israel, in moves designed to pose a visible threat to the security of the Jewish state. The sheer weight of thousands of on-rushers could very easily breach the fence — a situation that Israel cannot and will not risk.

It is precisely the image of wounded and dead Palestinians which has hoodwinked the United Nations General Assembly — yet again — into passing a resolution condemning Israel for using “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” force during the recent clashes and calling for an “international protection mechanism” for Palestinian civilians.

Notice that there is not a word about the root cause. Even an attempted amendment from America, censuring Hamas, was narrowly defeated. It seems blindingly obvious that were the terror group to desist from exhorting violent, mass protests, designed to provoke a well-justified response from Israel, death and bloodshed would be minimal or non-existent. Hamas has itself to blame and the sooner those who elect these terrorists realise that the only interests they represent are their own, self-serving terror aims, the sooner some calm will return to the region. Hamas does not seek peace with Israel, so its terror activities produce no benefits and merely inflame an already torrid, insoluble situation.

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