Threat to students

COMMONSENSE has prevailed at Leeds University. Its students union had originally seemed set to reject a motion that sought to outlaw antisemitism, leaving a very uncomfortable prospect for the university’s sizeable Jewish student body. At least that motion has now been thrown out. The one distressing element still is that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s widely accepted definition of antisemitism has been rejected. This echoes the unfortunate actions of the Labour Party that initially refused to adopt the IHRA definition and then wanted to tinker with the wording, before being pressurised and shamed into accepting it in full.

It is tough for Jewish students on most campuses. They face hostility from often paid agitators who are little more than stooge undergraduates, placed in colleges and universities to foment trouble and disseminate false propaganda, particularly against Israel.

The fact that the IHRA definition is not in place to protect Jewish students from antisemitism, thinly disguised as anti-Zionism, is not only unacceptable, it is abhorrent.

Student unions need to be seen to be protecting young Jews on campus and falling short of adopting the IHRA definition leaves those students wide open to abuse about Israel, which can now be as inaccurate and hurtful as those opposed to the Jewish state want it to be.

Leeds University students union says that antisemitism is unacceptable. Let it prove that by ensuring that Jewish undergraduates do not feel threatened.

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