No Hope For Corbyn...

WE had hoped that a week might pass when Jeremy Corbyn and his inept leadership of a once great party might not lead our news agenda. But it was not to be. His own MPs were joined by the Prime Minister and Conservative MPs on Tuesday in lambasting Corbyn and his handling (or lack of it) of the the antisemitism fiasco that has dogged his leadership. Does he still remain among the tiny minority within Westminster which fails to recognise that he is culpable in any way for the perception that the Labour Party is not prepared to stamp out antisemitism and might even support it?

What a shame Corbyn and some of his cronies could not have been present (and indeed had not been invited) to JNF UKs Notes of Hope concert in Jerusalem which brought to life music composed in concentration camps by Jews and others who perished at the hands of the Nazis. Perhaps Corbyn might have then understood the meaning of a Jewish state and its necessity. Perhaps he might also have understood the meaning of the word democracy and felt the emotion of Jewish people.

Or perhaps his view is just too jaundiced and, however many meetings he has with Jewish leaders and even rank and file members of the public, his lack of commonsense and understanding is unlikely to alter, and his party will continue its downward spiral until a more competent leader takes his place.

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