Jewish and Muslims leaders plead for ‘Hezbollah’ London parade to be stopped

TWO Jewish and Muslim leaders have pleaded with Home Secretary Sajid Javid to stop next month’s Al Quds Day parade.

The pro-Hezbollah march is due to take place on June 10, in central London, and is organised by registered charities, principally Islamic Human Rights Commission.

In a joint-letter, Campaign Against Antisemitism chairman Gideon Falter and Faith Matters’ Fiyaz Mughal wrote: “Each year, London’s most iconic streets are closed for the Al Quds Day parade, in which hundreds march in support of Hezbollah.

“Many of the marchers drape their children in the organisation’s bloodcurdling flag emblazoned with a dagger and AK47 assault rifle clenched in an upheld fist.“

He added: “That this brazen annual parade can take place makes a mockery of counter-extremism initiatives, emboldens those who seek to incite hatred and shames our nation”.

Mr Falter and Mr Mughal also wrote that the parade is a rallying point for anti-Muslim bigots who “wish to portray all British Muslims as terrorist sympathisers, and for antisemites, who admire Hezbollah’s stated mission to seek out and murder Jews around the world”.

They added: “We appeal to you not to permit terrorist supporters who profess only to support Hezbollah’s ‘political wing’ to brazenly parade through our capital.

“We implore you to uphold British values by proscribing Hezbollah in its entirety before the next parade.

“Please help us to thwart those who seek to portray all Muslims as terrorist sympathisers and those who would walk our streets carrying the flag of an organisation whose sworn mission is the genocide of Jews”.

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