‘Chilling effect’ of government’s bid to proscribe Hamas

A CONSERVATIVE MP who has a history of anti-Israel comments spoke of the “terrible, chilling” effect of the Home Secretary Priti Patel’s move to ban Hamas in full.

Speaking in the House of Commons as MPs across all parties approved full proscription of both the political and military wings of the Islamic terrorist group, Crispin Blunt also said he had concerns about proscription “because people do have a right to resist, and we must understand that we are talking about an occupied people”.

He told the House: “We have already taken a position on what is plainly the stupid, illegitimate and immoral mortaring of people where you cannot tell where the targets are, simply flying weapons over the wall, because you do not have the capacity to engage in that targeting of what would be legitimate targets under international law as resistance.

“Of course, those acts are illegitimate — that is why they have been proscribed.

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