CST welcomes jailing of National Action duo

THE CST has welcomed the jailing of two leaders of banned neo-Nazi terror group National Action.

Christopher Lythgoe, who rose from north-west organiser of the white nationalist group to become the national leader, has been jailed for eight years, while Matthew Hankinson, of Merseyside, was imprisoned for six years.

National Action was declared a proscribed group by then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd in December, 2016, following the group’s support of the murder of MP Jo Cox.

A CST spokesman said: “It is vitally important that our Jewish community, and wider society in general, understand that terrorism now comes in many forms, including neo-Nazis who take sick inspiration from jihadi terrorists.”

Lythgoe was convicted of belonging to a proscribed organisation, along with Hankinson, who is thought to be Lythgoe’s second-in-command.

Hankinson had called for “race traitors” to be hanged from lampposts.

A USB stick found at his address had text from an interview, which read: “We fight for the racial survival of our people, for blood and soil.

“We are not shabbos goyim, we are not good cattle to be commanded.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

When asked who National Action’s enemies were, 25-year-old former member Robbie Mullen, who gave evidence at the Old Bailey, said: “Basically everyone . . . Jews, blacks, Asians, every non-white race.”

A total of six men were on trial at the Old Bailey, accused of being members of National Action.

Jurors could not decide whether Jack Renshaw, Michal Trubini and Andrew Clarke were members, while Garron Helm was cleared of belonging to National Action.

Helm, also of Merseyside, was jailed for four weeks in 2015 for sending antisemitic tweets to Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger.

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