Finance expert breaks down on radio talking about mother’s death

FINANCIAL expert Martin Lewis, pictured, has told of the “emotional cost” of the death of his mother, Susan, three days before he turned 12.

Manchester-born Martin broke down on BBC Radio 5 Live last week as he recalled the day his mother died after falling off a horse,

He admitted that it was the first time he had ever spoken about it in details.

He said: “For the first time, I spoke publicly about losing my mother when I was a child.

“Doing the interview was far more costly emotionally than I had expected.

“While it was the first time I’d spoken about it publicly in detail, I can’t actually ever remember it in that depth privately either.

“Even my wonderful wife learned things about it from listening.

“So I found I was still reeling from doing it even a few days later.”

The May 11, 1984, edition of the Jewish Telegraph reported the accident on Page One.

Our report said that the horse had become “frightened” by a vehicle.

It said: “Although she was wearing a riding hat, Mrs Lewis suffered fatal head injuries.

“Her daughter Deborah (14) was following behind on a pony and witnessed the accident.

“Mrs Lewis was rushed to North Staffordshire Hospital and place on a life support machine, before doctors pronounced her dead.”

She was a former youth leader at Jackson’s Row Synagogue, Manchester.

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