Outrage as kaddish is said for Palestinian terrorists

A GROUP of people, who appeared to be Jewish, was lambasted yesterday for saying kaddish for Hamas terrorists.

The gathering — in London’s Parliament Square — included a tallit-clad woman and at least one kippa-wearing man.

Carrying a banner proclaiming “occupation is not our Judaism”, they recited the hallowed Jewish memorial prayer for the 60 Palestinians who were killed this week when they tried to pierce the Gaza border fence and cause mayhem in Israel.

Many of the rioters carried Molotov cocktails and explosive devices.

North West Friends of Israel vice-chairman Stuart Ailion said he was angered “beyond words” at kaddish being used in this way.

“The kaddish prayer is a beautiful thing,” he added. “It honours and sanctifies God’s name at a time when our grief for deceased relatives is at its most extreme.

“Logically, we should be angry with God for taking a loved one — but we praise Him.”

Mr Ailion added: “I said this prayer three times a day for a year to honour my deceased parents, so it infuriates me when the same prayer is said to honour terrorists killed in the act of attacking Israel and the Jewish people.”

A video of the kaddish recitation prompted outrage on Facebook.

User Laurence Fishman called it an “abomination”, while Mancunian Karen Solomon wrote: “This defiles everything if you are a Jew.”

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