Cheshire man, 26, rescued from Ibiza hotel’s pool

A CHESHIRE man is recovering after being dragged unconscious from a hotel pool in Ibiza.

Daniel Esterkin, who works in finance, was revived at the scene before being admitted to the nearby Hospital Can Misses.

An online page was set up, calling for prayers to be recited for the 26-year-old’s recovery.

Staff at the hospital have labelled London-based Mr Esterkin ‘milagro’, Spanish for ‘miracle’.

Daniel’s father, Eugene, told the Jewish Telegraph, last night: “Daniel is an extremely lucky boy.

“The guest who revived him is a nurse and the treatment at the hospital is superb.

“He still has a short way to go, but he is well on the mend.

“The whole family is indebted to the community in Manchester and throughout the world for their prayers and good wishes and the support that they have provided has been immense and extremely comforting.”

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