MP Lewis stands down as homlessness chief

LABOUR MP Ivan Lewis has stood down from his position as joint lead for homelessness under Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

The decision came after it emerged he was under investigation by the party for sexual harassment.

A Labour activist claimed that the Bury South MP harassed her at a fundraising event in 2010 when she was 19.

She claims he repeatedly touched her leg and invited her back to his house.

Mr Lewis denied the allegations and said he’d “not sexually harassed anyone”.

He also apologised for past behaviour, acknowledging that he had made women feel “uncomfortable”.

A spokesman for Mr Lewis said: “He has always sought to behave with integrity and is genuinely sorry if he got it wrong in some circumstances.

“He fully supports the rights of women to raise these issues, and stresses his commitment to equality and fairness in the workplace.”

Mr Lewis did not respond to our request for further comment.

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