Why Manchester family wanted to adopt escapee

SAFETY IN MANCHESTER: Amanda Sara Schilobolski

AN Israeli woman is hoping to trace the Manchester family which looked after her mother during the Second World War.

Amanda Sara Schilobolski escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport in January, 1939, from Berlin.

Her family had moved to the German capital from the eastern part of the country.

Amanda’s daughter, Dr Naomi Menuhin, who works in the department of history at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, said: “I am looking for descendants of the family who hosted her.

“I believe that the family was a rich one, that they looked after another child at the same time as my mum and that they wanted to adopt her, but I don’t know where in Manchester they lived.

“Mum told me almost nothing about what happened to her and what she went thorough.”

Amanda’s parents were murdered in Auschwitz and she later moved to Israel, where she married fellow German Israel Weisz.

Amanda died in 1995.

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