Marathon effort to help Hatzola

INJURY: Eddie Edwards after his fall. Below, all patched up and ready to resume training

EDDIE Edwards is a regular in the Jewish Telegraph. But it’s normally in the context “is the father of” one of his three sporting daughters.

However, the Prestwich man is in the spotlight after shedding blood, sweat and tears... and even more blood... for a charitable endeavour for Manchester Hatzola.

The 53-year-old, who is married to Francine, is attempting to complete the London Marathon — all 26 miles plus of it — raising funds for the volunteer emergency medical service.

It has not been all plain sailing for Eddie, having suffered a nasty fall last weekend, causing a suspension in his training schedule... but he’s all patched up now and back on track.

Mark Bamberger, director of operations for Hatzola in Manchester, was full of praise for the marathon man.

“What Eddie is doing will be of great benefit to Hatzola in Manchester and the community as a whole,” he said.

“Our annual budget runs at about £100,000, which is raised mainly from benefactors. The extra money from people like Eddie makes it possible to buy items now that we would have had to wait for... saving lives in the process.

“Eddie is on target to raise an exceptional £5,000. This would allow us to purchase a revamped ‘Life Pack 15’ ECG machine.

But what has driven Eddie to run the marathon?

“I’ve always been the fat dad cheering on the kids from the sidelines; so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone — get fit and raise some much-needed funds,” he said.

“When I was managing Dunbar Dodgers in the Manchester Jewish Soccer League, we won the Tony Cohen Cup. That was great, but if I can get round the London course and raise enough money for that ECG machine then it will surpass that feeling 100 times over.”

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