Lucky 13th for KD High

MANCHESTER King David High School chairman Joshua Rowe has spoken of his pride after it was named 13th in a prestigious list.

The Sunday Times’ Parent Power 2022, which was published at the weekend, showed that KD High was 13th among the top comprehensive (and partially selective) state schools.

Mr Rowe told the Jewish Telegraph: “It is incredible, especially if you think back to 31 years ago, when KD High was a failing school which was threatened with closure.

“Since then we have climbed up the league tables and, over the past 15 years, we have consistently been among the top non-selective comprehensive schools in the country.

“While not the only measure of a successful school, it is a strong reflection of the exceptional efforts made by the staff, the support from the home, and high standards achieved by the students. It is a huge achievement.”

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