Arrest of burglar ‘due to Shomrim’

SHOMRIM Manchester has been credited with the arrest of a homeless drug-addict burglar who targeted Salford’s Jewish community.

Steven Lovell, 47, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to burglary and theft.

He was caught by volunteers from the neighbourhood watch group after a woman reported that a man was breaking into her car.

He was trying to get £10 in change from the centre part of the car.

He had also stolen a set of Shabbat candles worth £2,500 and a kiddish cup from another Jewish home.

His defence lawyer, claimed that Lovell was acting through “desperation”, adding that he had no accommodation, no food and had a drug addiction.

Judge Richard Mansell said: “You were aware there would likely be high value ornaments in the house.

“You are becoming a menace to society.”

Shomrim Manchester declined to comment to the Jewish Telegraph.

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