End-of-life care guide

THEY WERE THERE: Bury registrar Valerie Long, Bury superintendent registrar Yvonne Butterworth, Dan Smith, superintendent registrar Haydn Keenan and Misaskim volunteer Danny Liefman

MISASKIM Manchester, which assists the bereaved and safeguards the dignity of the deceased, held an event for professionals who are involved in end-of-life care of Jewish patients.

More than 130 people — including representatives from the police, ambulance service, hospitals and bereavement teams — were at Death & Bereavement: Jewish Law, Ritual and Customs, at Stenecourt Synagogue, Salford.

During the event — chaired by Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg — Rabbi Daniel Walker covered the concepts of halacha, gender segregation, the soul and afterlife, family and privacy.

Misaskim’s Dan Smith talked about halacha and customs to do with Jewish death, including topics such as organ donation and neonatal bereavement. There was also a Q&A panel with Rabbi Walker, Mr Smith and Rachel Harris, head of Misaskim ladies’ team.

Misaskim will repeat the presentations for a number of North-West hospitals.

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