JLGB is jazzed up for awards

PRIZE GUYS: JLGB prizewinners show off their awards, with guest of honour October Wright, Brigade Commanding Officer Wendy Blumenow, Adjutant David Globe, junior company leader Rachel Baker and junior volunteer helpers Maxine Hawes and Su Schwartz

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LIVERPOOL Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade members performed a jazzed-up version of Adon Olam to open their annual Parade of Awards on Monday.

Brigade Commanding Officer Wendy Blumenow said the company would devote time to charitable matters when sessions restarted.

She explained how they had raised money for toys to be taken to India by members of Alder Hey surgical team, who were going out on their annual trip to operate on young children born with a cleft lip and/or palate.

She also said how proud she was at Liverpool JLGB seniors’ participation in the AJEX memorial parade at the Cenotaph in London.

“We were humbled by the ex-servicemen and in awe of the whole ceremony,” she said.

“To stand at the Cenotaph and know that JLGB plays a major part in its organisation made me proud to be part of this amazing young group.”

Wendy also expressed her pride at the seniors winning the drill competition at the national Walton Trophy and being runners-up in inspection.

Guest of honour October Wright compared JLGB to England’s World Cup team.

The King David High School deputy headteacher said England worked together as a team — and not as individuals.

“This epitomises what JLGB enables among its young participants,” Mrs Wright continued, “a sense of coming together . . . in an environment where your contributions to your local and wider communities are valued and you are encouraged to become active citizens in society, making positive contributions to your communities.”

* Awards: Badges for one year’s satisfactory service: Darling Black-Moss, Bryana Hampson, Ava Marco, Ziva Taxman and Jacob Stevenson (juniors). Rachael Stevenson, Madeline Allaart and Oliver Kendall (seniors).

Badges for two year’s satisfactory service: Libby Hollingworth, Sophie Miller, Sadie Barnett, Rosabella Goodman, Roby Hawes, Isaac Taxman, Adam Steff, Thomas Hurst and Jonathan Allaart (juniors). Hannah Marcus, Katie Blumenow and Marcy Cohen (seniors).

Badges for three year’s satisfactory service: Edden Sharabi, Deena Baker, Ruby Endfield, Sara Black, Libby Stern, Molly Cohen and Adam Jacobson (juniors). Adam Beaver, Abbie Levinson, Ella Black, Zoe Kersh, Amy Kendal and Libby Adler (seniors).

Badges for four year’s satisfactory service: Alfie Blumenow and Shalev Cooper (seniors).

Commendations for involvement in activities through the year: Molly Cohen, Ruby Endfield, Rosabella Goodman, Jonathan Allaart and Ziva Taxman (juniors). Cdt Rachael Stevenson, L/Cpl Libby Alder and A/Cpl Shalev Cooper (seniors).

Lev Trophy for showing most promise during first year of membership: Jacob Stevenson.

Beebe Shield for the junior showing most progress: Adam Jacobson.

The Harold House Ladies Fleur Packman award for excellence in arts and crafts: Sadie Barnett. The Rita Green Cup for best uniform: Edden Sharabi. Goodman Shield for most helpful junior: Libby Stern. Susan Cooper Trophy for junior showing true brigade spirit: Deena Baker. David Refson Trophy best all round junior: Sara Black.

Krasner Cup for most helpful senior: L/Cpl Zoe Kersh. Cohen Cup for the senior boy making most progress: L/Cpl Adam Beaver. Saul Rosenblatt Trophy for senior girl showing true brigade spirit: L/Cpl Amy Kendall. Capt B Moore Trophy for senior boy showing true brigade spirit: A/Cpl Alfie Blumenow. Reuben Fisher Trophy for senior girl showing consistent high standards: L/Cpl Abbie Levinson. Commanding Officer’s Award for the most outstanding senior: Sgt Jake Blumenow. A special Yoni Jesner Award certificate was presented to Hannah Marcus.

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