Let’s not look a gift horse in mouth

IT would seem that I have inadvertently incurred the ire of columnist Doreen Wachmann for having the temerity to criticise her use of the word “coward” to describe President Donald Trump.

When I wrote that Trump is the best friend of Israel and the Jewish people, this does not imply that he is beyond criticism.

I was merely echoing the sentiments of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, who was responsible for illuminating the walls of Jerusalem with the Israeli and American flags after hearing the announcement to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

As it so happens, these sentiments happen to be the same as mine and so many of the religious Jews and Zionists, who Mrs Wachmann appears to disparage.

It is not that we believe that Trump is faultless or cannot be criticised. No one is perfect or beyond reproach.

But here we have a president of the greatest and most powerful country in the world who goes out of his way to support Israel and the Jewish people and yet paradoxically is reviled and maligned by the liberal, politically correct left-wing who support the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton brigade.

The wholehearted support that Trump has given us so far should be appreciated and lauded instead of having the relentless, hysterical invective that he has been subjected to.

Mrs Wachmann might be able to quote from the erudite Ethics of the Fathers, but I would ask her and her ilk to refer to the old adage “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.

Of her use of the word “coward”, Trump has proved himself to be anything but that.

He has shown himself to be a courageous man of principle and integrity who does what he says without fear or favour.

Just look at his record on the international scene so far. Are these the actions of a coward?

He responded to the chemical gas attacks by Bashar al-Assad promptly, delivering Cruise missile to destroy the military installation from which the chemical weapon attack was launched — something the timorous Obama failed to do, therefore allowing Assad to cross a red line set by Obama.

He is facing up to the bellicose leader of North Korea and the egregious regime of the ayatollahs of Iran.

He has threatened to withdraw funds from the Israel-hating United Nations organisation and its offshoot UNESCO, which recognised the holiest sites in Judaism as Palestinian, and also cutting of funding to the intransigent Palestinian Authority.

How can these actions “suit his own needs” or be “to his advantage” as Mrs Wachmann implies?

Neville Brown,
23 Clarendon Street,

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