‘Swastika’ apology by FA chief is not good enough

FOOTBALL Association chief exutive Martin Glenn claims that the Jewish community is satisfied with his apology over his very derogatory slur in equating the Star of David with the swastika.

Well, I am one member of that community who is most certainly not satisfied. And I suspect that there are others.

Mr Glenn holds a major office in the largest sporting organisation in this country.

As such, his ignorance is amazing, particularly in these days of supposed equality and anti-racism which is deemed to exist within the FA.

Having been involved in local Jewish football for very many years, I have never heard such nonsense from a man at the top of our “beautiful game”.

I write this letter on a personal basis, not representing the Manchester Jewish Soccer League.

I sit on Manchester FA’s disciplinary and anti-discrimination panels — as an independent member — in judgement on local cases of discrimination.

I was asked to sit on a panel last week and refused to do so as my own small protest at Mr Glenn’s comments.

I am also disturbed at how easily Simon Johnson, representing the Jewish Leadership Council and, supposedly, the Jewish community, has accepted this so-called apology.

I am surprised that more has not been said publicly by our lay leaders in accepting such a weak apology from a man who should know much better.

Brian Myer,
The Coppice,

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