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DO the Spice Girls read the Jewish Telegraph?

Last week we reported how religious fans wouldn’t be able to attend any of the Saturday shows of their reunion tour in Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

And it didn’t help that the tickets went on sale on Saturday morning.

But after tickets sold out in minutes, extra dates were added.

So as well as playing Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium on Friday and Saturday, May 31 and June 1, the quartet will now be starting the tour on a more Jewish-friendly Wednesday, May 29.

Thanks, girls.

Pain in Spain for Argentine travellers

A GROUP of Sabbath-observant Jewish football fans from Argentina travelled to Spain so they could watch the first leg of the Copa Libertadores between rivals Boca Juniors and River Plate in real time.

As we reported last week, the clubs had tried to move the match from Saturday to Sunday for Jewish fans, but authorities refused to move the game, which was played on Shabbat.

So the group of religious Boca fans flew 6,000 miles to Barcelona as Shabbat would be finished there by the time of kick off.

Unfortunately for them, heavy rain forced the game to be postponed for 24 hours . . . and played after Shabbat.

With the tie delicately poised at 2-2, it’s unknown if the Boca fans will repeat their mammoth endeavour for the second leg next Saturday.

Ambitious TV show

ISRAELI television is planning the most ambitious show ever.

The project, titled either 2025 or Gold City, has been kept under wraps, but there have been a few leaks.

It is believed that the reality show will see a complete new city built near Yavne where the contestants will live.

A teaser was leaked online which proclaimed: “In this place, a city will be built. A city in which everyone starts out on equal footing. No matter where they come from, what they’ve accomplished or how hard they’ve fallen. When they get to the city — the game begins.

“Whoever knows how to play it, will reach the pinnacle. Whoever doesn’t, has no place in the city.”

With the Eurovision Song Contest also heading to Israel, 2019 looks like being a groundbreaking year for entertainment.

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