Tefillin app has it all wrapped up

YOU can call a taxi, order a pizza and buy a book with a few clicks of a smartphone. And now you can borrow... tefillin.

For an app has been launched to connect those who have them with Jews who need them for morning prayers or other rituals.

Its name? Wrapp, of course. And it's free. Providers merely offer their tefillin to those making the request within a radius of 20 miles.

The brainchild of a Brooklyn businessman, Wrapp hit app stores last month. And it has already has signed up 4,500 providers.

“Someone might feel a need for them when they’re depressed — or perhaps on their mother’s yahrzeit,” he said.

But how will it affect Chabad Lubavitch rabbis like Hillel Pikarskei, who has got 13,000 Jewish tourists to put on tefillin in Paris?

“You think it’s going to put me out of business? he said. “No way. I'm working in a world-renowned tourist spot. Don’t you worry about me.”

Nice to hear of someone “wrapped” up in his work.

Torah aids recovery

A pharmaceutical company is to market a new drug under a name derived from the Torah.

It is called Tookad... and it treats prostate cancer with lasers.

Fabrice Harari, chairman of Luxembourg-based Steba Biotech, said that “it feels holy” to use a biblical name.

Tookad in the Torah is “the eternal fire that comes in the holy Temple to burn a sacrifice,” he said.

Let’s hope it can now bring the same sort of energy to destroy cancerous tumours.

Saudis praise Israel

A NEW documentary series shows the birth of Israel using eye-witnesses and historians.

Nothing unusual about that... until you realise it has been made by Saudi Arabia-owned television news channel Al-Arabiya.

The documentary contains interviews with experts on both sides. But Palestinians are up in arms, accusing Saudi Arabia of normalising Israel.

It all sounds wonderful, apart from the name of the two-part series... The Naqba. Which, of course, means the catastrophe.

Drake not so popular

RAPPER Drake may be breaking records, but he isn’t as popular as Israeli singer Omer Adam.

Jewish star Drake’s latest album, Scorpion, became the first album in history to hit one BILLION streams in a single week.

But in figures released by Spotify, Drake was the second most listened to artist among Israelis. Top of the list was Adam. So you could say that Adam really was the first man.

Evertonian Moonman

HOW apt... the tombstone for the late Professor Eric Moonman, former president of the Zionist Federation, unveiled at Southport’s Duke Street Cemetery on Sunday, records that he was an Everton fan — one of the passions of his life.

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