Terror chief on the streets of Tel Aviv

A LOT OF BOTTLE: Hassan Nasrallah encourages Israelis to recycle plastic bottles

HEZBOLLAH leader Hassan Nasrallah has finally achieved his dream — he can be seen on the streets of Tel Aviv.

But he isn’t posing a threat to Israeli citizens.

Nasrallah has become the face of the city’s recycling campaign.

A gigantic poster featuring the Lebanese terror leader was erected overlooking Tel Aviv’s Ayalon highway to encourage Israelis to recycle plastic bottles.

The caption reads: “I don’t recycle bottles.”

Under his picture, it reads: “Nasrallah has been stuck in a bunker for 12 years. What is your excuse?”

Bibi wrestles with Euro challenge

THE Eurovision Song Contest is sure to be a hit when it is staged in Israel on May 18.

But the day after could provide the most entertainment as one of the finalists in Iceland’s Söngvakeppnin show to pick their entry has challenged Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a wrestling match.

Techno band Hatari wants “a friendly match of traditional Icelandic trouser-grip wrestling, or glíma” with Netanyahu.

The band said the match would take place “on May 19 at the time of your choosing” and include a “neutral UN-sponsored referee”.

If Hatari wins, it will be allowed to “settle within your borders, establishing the first ever Hatari-sponsored liberal BDSM colony on the Mediterranian [sic] coast.”

And if Netanyahu wins, “the Israeli government will be given full political and economic control of South-Icelandic Island municipality Vestmannaeyjar”.

We think the PM will give this idea nul points.

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