Netanyahu wins at mind games

I WIN: Bibi foils Suchard with his drawing

SUPERNATURAL entertainer Lior Suchard claims to delve into your innermost thoughts.

You know the kind of thing . . . guess a secret bank PIN number or the name of a childhood crush.

All with a great amount of success, by all accounts. But not when he came up against Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli mentalist asked his prime minister to scribble a picture on a piece of paper . . . . and Suchard would stand across the stage and draw an identical image.

But try as he may, he was unable to match Netanyahu’s doodle — a menorah with the words “Long Live the Jewish People” underneath.

When the Israeli leader finally held up his drawing, Suchard looked and said: “I was completely wrong.” And he refused to show his own sketch.

So the 36-year-old showman — a sought-after performer around the world — finally met his match against Netanyahu.

Well, he won’t have been the first — and most probably not the last — to do that.

Hedgehogs’ slim pickings

TEN overweight hedgehogs have had to go on strict diets . . . after they ate so much on the streets of Israel that they struggled to curl up into a ball to fend off predators.

Animal lovers found them waddling around and took them to Ramat Gan safari park, Tel Aviv.

Staff there said the hedgehogs had probably been snacking on food left out for cats.

“A lot of people put cat food on the streets for strays — but the problem is that other wildlife eat it too,” said zookeeper Becka Rifkin.

One of the hedgehogs, an adult named Sherman, weighed 3.5 lbs when he arrived at the facility two months ago — almost double the average weight for a hedgehog his age.

He has now lost about a quarter of a pound after staff monitored his diet and left him to run around an enclosure.

They hope to be able to release him by the summer.

Let’s hope he has developed an aversion to cat food by then.

WHEN the wife of former American Republican Senate candidate for Alabama Roy Moore claimed that her lawyer was Jewish, she did so to combat claims she was an “antisemite”.

But it turns out that the solicitor of Kayla Moore, Martin Wishnatsky, is actually a practising Christian.

So while we don’t know whether or not she is an antisemite, she seems to struggle to be able to tell who is Jewish and who isn't.

It's probably a good thing her husband didn't win a seat in the Senate.

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