Hotels cash in on Eurovision

WHAT a surprise! Prices at Tel Aviv hotels are shooting up... for the week of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Online booking site shows that a week at the Dan Panorama Hotel from May 12-19 will cost 9,248 shekels (£1,950) — compared to 7,154 shekels (£1,509) a couple of weeks earlier.

And a week at the Prima Tel Aviv Hotel will be 9,213 shekels (£1,943), while a few weeks later it will be only 4,725 shekels (£996).

According to, a week in June at Tel Aviv’s Crowne Plaza City Centre is going for 5,495 shekels (£1,158), compared to 9,891 shekels (£2,085) for the week of the competition.

We understand that business is business. But wouldn’t it have been nice to change the view of Israel of many of the world’s sceptics rather than let them go home with a rip-off impression?

Bibi’s balancing act

BENJAMIN Netanyahu has to tread very carefully in New York next week . . . in order not to violate Succot.

He will land on Tuesday evening after the sun sets on the second day of the festival — a holiday for Jews in the Diaspora, but not for those living in Israel.

In general terms, Jewish law prohibits Jews living in Israel who are abroad on the second day from partaking publicly in activity prohibited on Shabbat or the holidays.

So the spectacle of the prime minister carrying on with business as usual in New York while thousands of local Jews are either in synagogues or have told their employers that they can’t work could require a super-human balancing act.

Good job Netanyahu’s used to that!

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