Rachael became poetic as she took on new project to stay creative in lockdown

RACHAEL Sage has released more than a dozen albums showing off her songwriting skills — as well as her voice.

But her latest project, Poetica (MPress Records), sees her tackle jazz poetry.

“The process of writing poetry is much more subconscious for me than writing song lyrics, and is usually spurred by something immediate, to which my psyche is reacting in an often cryptic way,” the New Yorker told me.

“Many times I don’t even know what a poem is about exactly, which makes it more impressionistic and akin to a mental collage, in a sense.

“With lyrics, the through line between my conscious emotional or intellectual intent and what ends up in the song is usually pretty clear.

“I also often rework lyrics, whereas poems tend to be written completely in a sort of burst of energy, and rarely do I revise them at all.”

Poetica is a collaboration with cellist Dave Eggar which started as an “improvisational spoken-word/musical trio, for the Nuyorican Poets Café curated Howl Festival, in honour of Allen Ginsberg,” she said.

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