Nicola given Hall-mark of success

MICHAEL C Hall is recognisable to UK television viewers for his roles in Six Feet Under and Dexter.

Four years ago, though, he put on his best English accent to make Netflix series Safe.

Filmed in Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire, the eight-part series — which was screened in 2018 — was produced by Red Production Company, founded by Mancunian Nicola Shindler, pictured.

And 50-year-old Michael is full of praise for 11-time BAFTA award winner Nicola — a former national president of the Bnai Brith Youth Organisation.

“She was a fantastic leader and has really, really great taste and is very smart,” he told me.

“I loved working on something at which she was at the helm. She was great. I hope maybe to manage to see her when we are there.”

He added: “Doing something based in Manchester with a crew and production company based there, it’s just not fraught with the inevitable sheen of Hollywood bulls***.

“It’s just a way of behaving that’s a little more straightforward.

“I love working in the UK as an actor. It’s about knowing what work is to be done and doing the work. And Nicola certainly characterises a lot of that.”

Performing at Night and Day in Manchester on Monday will also revive memories for Michael as the club was used a setting for some scenes in Safe.

Nicola’s new production company, Quay Street Productions, announced this week that Helena Bonham Carter would appear in Nolly about Crossroads actress Noele Gordon. After 18 years in the soap Noele was fired.

Russell T Davies, who has worked with Nicola on a number of productions, will write the three-part series.

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